Key Pieces to Build Your Wardrobe This Summer

Summer is all upon us, and with that, we bid adieu to all those heavy, wintery clothes. Though transitional clothes have dominated our wardrobe for quite some time now, it is crucial to bring about a change in not only our outfits but also our routines, manifesting goals and getting fresh ideas about how you would like to dress up for the remainder of the year. However, if you are rethinking your style cleaning your items out of your closet, and looking to update or improve your collection along with investing in some pieces that would really be useful to wear and not just stay in the closet, this blog post is for you!

Everything in the wardrobe changes with the season but one thing that stays a staple is having a classic style. There should be a few pieces that need to be staples in your wardrobe but you need some pieces that offer maximum style with minimum effort. With so many pieces in the wardrobe, it has been very difficult to streamline useful clothing for every season. If you are looking for some basic key pieces to build your summer staple wardrobe this season, read on to know more!

White T-Shirt

White T-Shirt Fashion

You already knew this would be on the list, didn’t you? A white tee is a must-have in any wardrobe. It is a tried-n-tested piece that will never fail you. Though there can be no wrong way to wear a white tee, there can be the right ways to do so. One of the best ways that we recommend wearing a white tee in summer is with straight-fit jeans or flared pants. It will give off an effortlessly chic vibe and keep you very comfortable. 

White Sneakers

White Sneakers Fashion

White sneakers have become a cult favorite for both men and women. These are versatile yet comfortable and can be worn with absolutely anything. No matter what you want to wear, these pieces can be styled with all the trendy or evergreen clothing pieces like summer dresses, tennis skirts, flared pants, bell bottoms, and whatnot. White sneakers can dress things down a little. So, they can be worn to elevate a look perfect for a casual day out. 


Converse shoes

One of the most stylish pieces is Converse shoes. Though, they are a spin on the classic sneakers they are just as comfortable. Converse has a high-top design that looks very stylish with everything from dresses to jeans. So, it doesn’t matter what your style is, Converse will look well with absolutely anything. You can also opt for Bright Converse trainers to add some vibrancy to your simple summer day outfit. 

Knee Length Skirts

Knee Length Skirts

Perhaps the most crucial clothing piece that you can add to a summer wardrobe is a skirt. With the weather getting warmer, it is better to wear flowy skirts and dresses to keep you cool and feel beautiful. Midi skirts or mid-length skirts are perfect if you are looking for something just below the knee. These are stylish and offer an incredible amount of comfort. For summer midi skirts you can choose tiered, pleated styles that are available in patterned or solid colors. 

Oversized Shirt

Oversized shirt styles
oversized shirt for girls

In summer, you would want something light, flowy, and comfortable. So, an oversized shirt can be your best bet for getting comfortable and looking stylish at the same time. Oversized T-shirts also look great with absolutely anything. Hence, it offers a blank canvas to pair up with your favorite outfits and accessories. If your style is more on the comfy but cute side, you can pair up your oversized t-shirt with shorts and tuck in the front of the shirt. To complete the look we recommend you wear white sneakers to look effortlessly stylish. 

Well, this is it for this blog post. But don’t worry, we have a second part coming up in the continuation of this topic. Stay tuned to learn more about the key pieces for building your summer fashion staples in your wardrobe. For more exciting content on Fashion and Beauty stay tuned to Beminimal!


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