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Top 5 Must-Have Summer Footwear Styles for 2021

Change of season brings on a 360-degree change of your complete wardrobe. The transition from winters to summer doesn’t only get you to bid adieu to your beloved jackets and sweaters but also to your favorite leather shoes and boots. Summer season is upon us and one of the best things about summer dressing is that you can experiment with vibrant colors, playful designs, and funky prints. 

For summer 2021, the footwear will not only be about those trendy styles but embracing your unique style with a touch of fun! Out of the hundreds of trending styles, We’ve curated a list of 5 must-have summer footwear styles for you, hope you love rocking them as much as we do! 

Must-Have Summer Footwear Styles for 2021


nike sneakers

If you truly want to enjoy that carefree, warm-weather vibe, sneakers can be your best bet. They are super comfortable and versatile and can be appropriate for outdoor picnics or a casual stroll in your favorite mall. Sneakers are a perfect companion for a casual as well as trendy dress-up. 


orange espadrilles
yellow espadrilles

One of the best summer footwear 2021 trends has to be Espadrilles. They look amazing when teamed up with floral maxi dresses, kimonos, sundresses, denim, or printed colorful shorts. Perfect to opt for if you are looking for comfort and style at the same time.

Kitten Heels

kitten heel sandal
kitten heels sandals

Kitten heels seem to be the perfect friend this summer season by being one of the most loved female footwear choices. In this post-pandemic world, kitten heels prove to be the best transition from your comfortable fluffy slippers to ultra-trendy stilettos. Whether you choose to style them with ripped jeans or a bright floral skirt, they look remarkably stylish. They are super comfortable in walking and wearing throughout the day.  

Grandpa Sandals 

grandpa sandals

The iconic grandpa sandals trend is all over which makes them the best choice for this summer. Undoubtedly the credit goes to the unbeatable comfort and minimalist style. These sandals are sure to level up your casual wardrobe game. Whether you pair them with boyfriend jeans, dungaree or palazzos they will end up looking super chic and attractive. 

Comfortable Flats

flat shoes for girls
black flat shoes
womens flats shoes

You didn’t think we would leave this list without adding everyone’s favorite comfortable flats, right? Just perfect for casual outings or picnics there are thousands of styles to choose from. Flats have been a wardrobe staple for everyone whether you opt for sliders, ballet flats, or flip flops. They are super comfortable and easy to wear. All you have to do is choose the perfect one depending on your style and a good sole to ensure maximum comfort and you are good to go for the day. 

Of course, there are endless styles available in the market. But, here are a few of our favorite picks from the world of female footwear. Let us know if you love any of the styles mentioned above. We would also love to know your take on styling your favorite summer footwear. 

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