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Baggy Denim Is Back In Trend and Is Here to Stay

Fashion trends are always changing, but one thing that is a staple in every closet is denim. Just a few years back, tight jeans and leggings were the talk of the town and now, baggy jeans are making their huge comeback. A deep sigh for everyone who is tired of wearing those tight uncomfortable jeans. Baggy denim jeans or puddle pants for some have been the new black for quite some time now. The baggy jeans trend was very popular during the 1990s to early 2000s and now it is back better than ever. 

When Did Baggy Denim Jeans Make their First Appearance?

During the 1990s the style of baggy denim became popular. The style became popular when people were tired of wearing super uncomfortable tight-fitted jeans. The trend was eventually popularized by skaters and hip-hoppers. Gaining popularity with time, baggy denim jeans became a symbol of freedom and cultural awareness amongst the younger generation. 

During the 1990s, Baggy jeans were termed “baggies” but the term soon faded and was replaced by the common name ‘Wide-legged Denim.’ Baggy denim jeans were popular during the start of 2000 as well but soon they were replaced by boot-cut jeans. But they remained popular in African communities up until 2008. 

Types of Baggy Jeans for Women 

There is a wide variety of Baggy jeans for girls, something for every girl to choose from. Down below we have curated a list of types of women baggy jeans available in the market. So next time when you are out shopping, you know what to buy. Wink!

Wide-Legged Jeans

wide legged jeans online
black wide legged jeans
blue wide legged jeans

Wide-legged jeans are definitely making a huge comeback in the year 2021. These pants can be a very flattering choice for most women. They are perfect for short women as they are leg lengthening and make you appear taller. Just choose your favorite top and don’t forget to tuck it in! 😉

Flared Denim 

women's flared denim
women flared jeans

Another gem from the past has to be the flared denim. They are very similar to boot-cut jeans. They are quite broad at the bottom from the ankle and perfectly tight-fitted from above the knees which makes the flare well visible. These types of jeans look amazing with a turtleneck top. 

Boyfriend Jeans 

womens boyfriend jeans
boyfriend jeans for women
boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans are perfect for the day when you’re looking for something extremely comfortable. They are amazing for everyday streetwear. The best thing about these types of jeans is that they can go with absolutely anything. You can wear them with floral shirts and casual or semi-formal tops. Don’t forget to complete the look with your favorite pair of pumps! 

Mom Jeans

mom jeans for women
high waist mom jeans

Come on, you knew this would be included in the list right?! After all mom jeans are just perfect! High-waisted, tapered leg, and of course no stretch. They are the best choice for a hybrid setup, work from home, or work from an office wardrobe. You cannot miss out on this. 

How to Style Baggy Jeans 

Whether you go for any of the options mentioned above. A wide-legged pair of jeans or boyfriend jeans – baggy denim looks best when you keep a few things in mind! 

Watch Proportions 

Dress while keeping the rule of thirds in mind as it’s the key to looking effortless and flawless. You always want to tuck in your top or t-shirt to give you a more elongated look. 

Add a Fitted Piece 

Not to deny, baggy jeans look good with other baggy items, but they can look even more incredible if you pair them with one fitted item. It can be a perfectly suited turtleneck or a crop top. 

Add Womanly Details 

Baggy jeans sometimes may look a little manly. So it would be great to add one or two feminine touches to your outfit. This could be a beautiful necklace, your favorite hoops, or maybe a handbag! 

Style Up With High Heels 

Don’t forget to style your baggy outfit with a pair of high heels. It will elongate your body and make it look more proportionate. It can be a great way to balance out the oversized dressing style. 

How Baggy Jeans Came Back in Style and Became a Trend

Baggy jeans came on as a blessing for anyone who was either getting bored or getting tired of the skinny jeans style. Baggy denim for girls is perfectly flattering for almost every body type which makes them a perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

Baggy jeans have been a trend in 2020 and we don’t think it is going to make their way out anytime soon in 2021 as well. The trend came out with the post-quarantine era as people became more and more comfortable in their houses and this type of clothing proved to be the perfect post-quarantine style because of the extreme comfort yet super stylish look. 

Let us know how you like to style your baggy denim we would love to know your thoughts. Stay tuned to the blog for more interesting content related to Fashion and Beauty!


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