When Is The Right Time to Declutter Your Wardrobe?

With every transition in the season, there is one thing that is common and it is refreshing the wardrobe. Whether it’s moving from winter to summer or from summer to winter, it is crucial to refresh your wardrobe. By refreshing your wardrobe we don’t mean you should throw away your clothes every season, but instead, we want you to go through your wardrobe and see what you can repair, recycle or reuse. If you find something that you don’t love anymore, then you can find a new home for it. 

It is true that many of us end up wearing only the selected few pieces from our wardrobe. According to a study, it is proven that people ignore at least 50% of their wardrobe for the few pieces of clothing they love. That’s why it is crucial to give a top-to-toe cleanse to your wardrobe to clear out or put together old favorites for a brand new look.

If you don’t know where to get started with How to downsize your wardrobe, we are here to help. Before getting started, you need to identify why do you want to declutter your wardrobe? Why do you want to change it? Go deeper, find answers to these questions, and then get started! 

Factors To Keep in Mind While Decluttering Your Wardrobe

Okay, So now you have all the motivation to declutter clothes, you have decided to declutter your wardrobe. You are standing in front of your wardrobe looking at all the piles of clothes. But of course, you cannot just randomly pick and decide to throw your clothes away right? Don’t worry, we have some factors to help you out in decluttering, Let’s Get Started! 


The number one factor to keep in mind while decluttering your wardrobe is Time. If you are someone who likes to buy timeless pieces then this one is not for you. But if you don’t, it is crucial for you to declutter your wardrobe every 3-6 months depending upon the usability and the life of your clothes. You don’t want to keep age-old pieces in your wardrobe which you don’t end up wearing. You need to sort the clothes based on their condition, usability, and also based on how much you love wearing them. 


Another major factor to keep in mind is the Fit. Of course, you don’t want to keep the clothes that don’t fit you anymore right? But sometimes we end up keeping them because of attachment or memories. You need to understand that it would be hard for you to declutter and make space if you don’t recycle or dump the clothes that don’t fit you anymore. You can try to reuse such pieces and create something out of them to keep them with you for a long time. For example, you can simply change a t-shirt into a grocery bag or maybe a headband! 


The next factor that you need to keep in mind is Wearability. Check if the item is still wearable. Look for any kind of stains, loose threads, or holes in your clothing. Try to find some ways to fix it and if it doesn’t fix up the issue then it’s better to dodge it. Keeping clothes in your wardrobe which aren’t good to wear will only create more and more mess in your wardrobe, so it’s better to give them up. 


Before buying any piece of clothing, look if you have anything similar to that. In the same way, look for similar-looking items in your wardrobe. Do you have any similar prints? Or same style tops? Similar-looking dresses? There is absolutely no sense in keeping similar-looking pieces in your wardrobe. In a better way, you can either donate it to a family member or a friend. 


Sticking to old clothes will never let you try new trends. When you are comfortable in the clothes in your wardrobe, you will always be very uncomfortable in trying new trends. But life is about trying new things right? So, it’s better to toss older clothes and make space for new ones. This will also help you expand your choices and increase your confidence. 

Where Can You Donate Old Clothes? (Handles)

So, now you have decluttered all the clothes that you no longer wear. You have a pile of clothing that is no longer useful to you. So, what do you do with them? One of the best ways is you can ask your family or friends if they would like anything out of them. Remember, what is not useful for you may work for them. So it can be your best bet. 

Another way you can donate your clothes is to some charity or brand. There are a number of firms that under the sustainability program help the environment by recycling old clothing. It is a great option to donate your unrequired clothing to such firms. Also, there are organizations that ensure that your unwanted clothes can reach out to someone in need of them. So, you can donate your clothes to such organizations. Below is the list of such organizations which can help someone in need. 

Organizations Which Ensure Your Unwanted Clothes Go To The Needy 

1. Clothes Box Foundation (CBF)

You can call Clothes Box foundation or leave a message on their Facebook page. They will either come and pick from your home (at a nominal charge) or you can deliver them directly to their center. 


2. Share At Door Step (SADS)

You can visit their website and enter your location. NGOs near your location will appear on your screen and choose the one whose requirement matches your donation and schedule a pickup. 


3. Prayas

This organization does not only accept your unwanted clothing items but your unused household items are also welcomed here. You can contact them about the delivery details. 


4. Clothes For Help

The team in this organization visits nearby slums and makes sure that your donated clothes reach out to the people in need. You can directly log on to the website and choose a location to schedule a drop-off or pick-up. 


Your unrequired clothing might not mean anything to you but it can mean a lot to someone. So, here we are at the end of this article. Hope this has motivated you to declutter your wardrobe. 

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