Hi, I’m Mudita and I welcome you to my little corner of happiness… Beminimal!

Even though I’m a Web Developer by Profession, I always have my eyes on the current and upcoming trends in the vast world of Fashion and Beauty. As a young girl, I always gravitated towards the latest fashion and beauty trends. Whether it’s something related to a new footwear style, a lipstick shade, or an amazing handbag, I love knowing about the upcoming trends through magazines, newspapers, and movies. That is how Beminimal came to life. As a platform where we like to share about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. We believe that fashion and style empower you and when you look fabulous outside, you feel fabulous inside.

With Beminimal, we aim to create a lighthearted platform for anyone who wants to indulge in anything related to Fashion & Beauty trends apart from their mundane life. We want to share the history and evolution of the industry and the cultures from where these trends come into being to keep up with the roots. We strive to break the stereotypes associated with age, body types, makeup, and skin. With thousands of brands and products available in the market, we want to help you in becoming more informed about the choices you make. 

With all these Fashion & Beauty trends, one thing isn’t something that fits all, but it is different and unique to every person and is deeply influenced by the choices and style of every individual — we promise to be completely honest and raw with you through our blogs and advice. Since it’s always more about choosing intuitively and feeling confident in your choices than about what you love to slather on the outside, you’ll definitely get a lot of expert-backed advice from us here.

Along with my team, I want to encourage you in understanding your responsibility toward the planet and making informed choices about what to choose to support the planet, and at the same time compliment your love for the upcoming fashion and beauty trends. We want Beminimal to be a digital magazine space where every Fashion and Beauty Enthusiast can come and share what they have to inspire other individuals in the community, and that’s why we also welcome Guest writers to be a part of our family to share their valuable knowledge with our readers and of course with us!

We want you to stay on board with us on our ongoing Fashion and Beauty journey, where we all can learn something from each other. 

Love and Gratitude Always!