Want an upgrade in your footwear stack Check out these indigenous brands

Shoes are a crucial part of the art of dressing up, serving as an integral part of both elegance and practicality.  Shoes are more than just accessories; they add a lot to the overall style of an ensemble and skillfully finish the look. They act as means for self-expression, displaying unique preferences and styles. Additionally, wearing the right shoes improves confidence and comfort, which affects posture and gait. The right shoes can make all the difference in an outfit, whether it’s for a formal or informal setting.

Top footwear brands in India provide a fun upgrade for your shoe collection, regardless of your preference for comfort, conventional styles, or setting trends. Come along on this fashion journey with us as we reveal the stories and skills woven into the very fabric of these remarkable brands, with every step emulating the ideal mix of style and comfort. Prepare yourself for an immersive experience as we take you into the world of footwear innovation, where comfort, style, and quality coexist harmoniously.

Indian Brands to Try If You Want to Upgrade Your Shoe Collection

A new generation of footwear brands in India is creating waves in the diverse world of Indian fashion by combining history with contemporary design. With eco-friendly methods and distinctive styles influenced by regional customs, these local businesses are altering a range of footwear. In this blog post, We explore the unique products offered by these local brands showcasing their skill, dedication to authenticity, and colorful history expressed by each shoe. Find the ideal match for your style and values by embarking on a trip with us into the vibrant world of Indian footwear, where innovation and tradition combine.


Founder: Taran Chhabra and Amar Preet Singh were co-founders of Neeman’s.

Style of Shoes: Neeman’s is well-known for its environmentally friendly and cozy shoes, especially those made with merino wool. They have loafers and casual footwear in their collection.

Price Range: Neeman’s shoes usually fall into the mid-to-high price bracket.

Availability: Neeman’s footwear can be bought at a few offline stores and online at their official website.


Founder: Shibani Bhagat is the founder of 7-10.

Style of Shoes: 7-10 focuses on making chic and modern sneakers.  Their shoes are appropriate for informal wear because comfort is a priority in their collection.

Price Range: 7–10 shoes are in the affordable to mid-range price range.

Availability: Their official website makes it easier to buy 7–10 pairs of shoes online.


Founder: Hrithik Roshan, a Bollywood star, founded the company HRX.

Style of Shoes: HRX provides a wide selection of casual and sports shoes. The brand’s shoes are appropriate for different kinds of events because of their sporty and fashionable styles.

Price Range: HRX sneakers fall into the affordable to mid-range price bracket.

Availability: HRX shoes are broadly accessible online via well-known e-commerce websites and some styles are also available at offline stores. 

The Chalk Studio

Founder: Nupur Nagpal and Aakash Saikia founded The Chalk Studio.

Style of Shoes: Chic and modern footwear designs are the specialty of Chalk Studios. They have modern-looking shoes for both semi-formal and informal events in their collection. 

Price Range: Chalk Studio’s shoe prices are normally in the mid-to-high range.

Availability: Products from Chalk Studio are available for purchase at a few offline stores and online at their official website.

The CAI Store

Founder: It is founded by Aradhana & Dhanraj Minawala.

Style of Shoes: Handmade and environmentally friendly footwear is the USP of The CAI Store. They create distinctive and trendy footwear by fusing traditional skills with the latest design.

Price Range: The shoes from CAI Store are in the mid-to-high range.

Availability: The official CAI Store website offers products for purchase online.

Fizzy Goblet

Founder: Laksheeta Govil is the founder of Fizzy Goblet.

Style of Shoes: Fizzy Goblet is renowned for its stylish, modern juttis.Their selection of vibrant, delicately made juttis combines traditional design elements with contemporary style.

Price Range: Typically, Fizzy Goblet footwear falls between the mid-to-upper price range.

Availability: The official Fizzy Goblet website offers quick online shopping for their footwear.

Aprajita Toor

Founder: Aprajita Toor is the founder of the brand.

Style of Shoes: Aprajita Toor houses ethnic and traditional footwear. They are especially well-known for their sandals and kolhapuris embellished with beautiful motifs.

Price Range: Aprajita Toor shoes are usually in the mid-to-upper price range.

Availability: Aprajita Toor footwear is available at a few offline stores and online at their official website.

Best Footwear brands in India offer a fusion of heritage, innovation, and style. With their eco-friendly methods and distinctive designs inspired by local cultures, these local manufacturers have improved the world of fashion while simultaneously promoting a feeling of individuality and pride. Supporting these local brands as customers means a lot more than simply buying footwear—it involves joining an experience that honors skill, cultural variety, and a dedication to sustainability. With each step, it’s a step towards a path that’s intentional and purposeful, not merely fashionable.

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