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All You Need to Know About Capsule Wardrobe and Influencers You Need to Follow

Capsule wardrobes can be a perfect choice if you want to add some personal style, but they can also be a very mindful and sustainable choice when clothing is considered. Fast fashion culture may have made us believe that we should have everything, and it eventually ends in a packed closet full of clothing pieces that we may never choose to wear. A lot of people who love capsule wardrobe culture have become a part of it because they are tired of making decisions about clothing or maybe because they want to adopt sustainability including social media influencers. Capsule wardrobe concepts help us to think more about how one truly needs every piece in the closet. The motto behind the capsule wardrobe culture is to Buy less and wear more. Also, to buy only what’s high quality! 

Capsule wardrobes are perfect when you want to practice mindfulness and intention when you are thinking about minimizing your closet. It is a small but curated option of timeless pieces. Of course, these pieces can differ from person to person based on different preferences.

The purpose of a capsule wardrobe is to never make you feel as though you have to choose from a lot to wear. Capsule wardrobes are curated in a way that assures that you only have pieces that can be paired together easily and look great together. This is not only great for your wallet but at the same time for the environment as well. Choosing key clothing pieces that work well together in high-quality material ensures better longevity and comfort. All you need to remember is to choose pieces that make you feel your absolute best and most confident. However, to some, capsule wardrobes may feel like they are just full of neutral colors, and easy patterns, but that is not the case. 

capsule wardrobe


Curating a capsule wardrobe may seem like a task to many of us, but there are some tricks and tips that can help you. Mentioned below are some of the tips that can help you get started!

Choose a base color for your wardrobe

First, you need to choose the base color for your wardrobe. The base color helps in setting the tone for your capsule wardrobe. You need to choose pieces that are perfect to be paired with absolutely anything. The colors that can be paired with everything include navy, brown, and beige. We would recommend you choose one base color when you want to build a capsule wardrobe.

Go for neutral colors & timeless style

You can choose colors and designs in tops and bottoms that are timeless. Something like a plain white buttoned shirt, a black party dress, and a well-fitted pair of jeans can be your essentials. For neutral colors, you can choose whites, blacks, greys, and beige.

Select accent colors

Another thing that you can do is accent colors. Colors like rose, turquoise, teal, plum, etc. You can simply pair your accent colors with base color pieces if they go well together. Base colors like white and black can go with absolutely any accent colors of your choice. 

Selecting footwear for your capsule wardrobe

You need to make sure to have a pair or two pairs of shoes in neutral colors. Some neutral pairs of footwear or casual shoes can be perfect for you. As for winter, it would be an amazing choice to get some boots and a covered pair of footwear. The thing you need to remember is if the footwear is appropriate for the place you are heading to. On the other hand, you can get sneakers that are perfect for everyday use and exercise.

Adding accessories to your capsule wardrobe

Accessories prove to be amazing if you want to add some twists to your capsule wardrobe. Some statement pieces can be perfect for casual outfits. We advise you to have one or two purses which can go with everything. For example, a beige or black handbag can work with your key clothing pieces and look amazing with absolutely anything!

The Dos and Don’ts of Starting A Capsule Wardrobe


Clean Your Closet 

To get started you need to clean up your closet before building a capsule wardrobe. You don’t need to keep pieces that you hate or the ones that no longer fit you. You can simply get rid of the clothes or donate them to someone who would appreciate them more.


Don’t Toss Out Your Entire Closet and Start Over

A capsule wardrobe isn’t to be something that you are not, it needs to be designed in a way that makes your style easy for you. If your main goal with a capsule wardrobe is to save money, you want to create your wardrobe with time, so we recommend you not toss your entire closet for the same. 


Consider Your Lifestyle

A capsule wardrobe should always be built keeping your current lifestyle in mind. The Internet may be full of ideas for creating a capsule wardrobe, but unless you keep your current lifestyle in mind, nothing will ever work for you. 


Don’t Become Someone You’re Not

Dressing up is all about personal style. If you think something doesn’t suit you, it will be a foolish choice to get it for you. Instead, choose what you think will work best for you and not what you see other people wearing. 

Influencers That Are Rocking the Capsule Wardrobe Trend

Komal Pandey

Being one of the popular social media influencers, Komal Pandey started her journey on Instagram in 2013. She focused on the concept of styling on a budget. The concept of a capsule wardrobe always intrigued her. She intended to choose contemporary capsule clothing pieces and work with the upcoming trends.


With cocobeautea Hannah wanted to promote the concept of minimalism. She believes in the quality over quantity concept. Her wardrobe is full of neutral colors and minimal prints which she is seen using in all her looks. She loves to style her outfits with gold accessories to draw attention.

Aditi Mayer

Aditi Mayer is one of the popular sustainable fashion influencers. Mayer decided to start her blog, ADIMAY. She promotes the idea of not only speaking about the importance of sustainable fashion but also about the importance of living an overall conscious lifestyle. 

Sarah Therese

Sarah is not just sustainable with her clothing, but she also believes in the concept of minimalism. She loves to live ethically when it comes to her fashion choices as well as her lifestyle choices. Her closet and style seem to be filled with neutrals including more white, black, and beige. 

This is it from our side! If you are someone who already follows the capsule wardrobe trend do hop on in the comment sections with your suggestions or tips!

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