How to Create Multiple Makeup Looks With a Few Makeup Products

The pandemic effect of staying indoors has affected almost everything in your life. Before that, visiting offices, colleges, and places outdoors gave us a good chance to get ready and use our favorite makeup and beauty products. With this pandemic, we have gotten used to not using any product or using fewer products and letting the ‘skin breathe.’ But as everything is slowly coming back to normal, we think your beloved beauty routine should too. Doesn’t matter if the pandemic made you shrink your makeup collection to just foundations/concealers, lip tints, and your favorite mascara or if you were already the ‘less is more kind girl. This blog post is for everyone who is looking for variations in makeup with fewer products. 

Makeup Looks With a Few Makeup Products

Makeup is very personal to every individual. Some of us like a minimal look and some of us like to go all out and get a glamorous look. But let’s face it! You cannot go all glam for everyday occasions. That’s when soft subtle or ‘no-makeup’ makeup looks come to the rescue. Therefore, we are sharing a few of our favorite looks that you may like to try for your next outdoor event with just the basic products. Let’s get started on our journey to makeup with fewer products!

Natural No Makeup Look 

natual no makeup face

As the name indicates, this look focuses more on keeping the skin first. Achieved with just a few products, this look is perfect for you to appear put together without much fuss. It would help if you started with a concoction of moisturizer and foundation as a base for your skin. Apply a generous coat of mascara on your lashes and put a neutral shade of lipstick or lip tint and you are good to go with your natural makeup looks!

Soft Smokey Eye Look

soft smokey eyes

Less dramatic than traditional ‘smokey’ eyes, this smokey-eye look is perfect if you want something softer yet impactful. Doesn’t matter which shade of eyeshadow you choose, you’ll end up with a beautifully soft, and silky look. We would recommend you choose something in lighter shades of pink. Apply a generous coat of mascara or put on some natural-looking lashes along with a light shade of lipstick and a lot of highlighter, trust us! you’ll look glamorous in no time!

Classic Eyeliner Look

classic eyeliner

Eyeliner! It’s such a simple tool, but a lot can be done with it. It’s such a staple in the vanity of a makeup lover and it can simply transform a look from simple to glamorous in a minute! The classic eyeliner look is perfect for something like a date night to the interviews that you may be looking forward to. It is one of the most versatile styles as it can be paired up with a good red lip and also with neutral lipstick. The classic eyeliner look is just the perfect makeup look for every occasion and event. 

Dewy Makeup Look

dewy makeup look

This one is surely one of our favorites. Perfect for the drier months and otherwise, this makeup look will surely give you goddess vibes. You can consider this makeup look to be a mix of makeup and skincare. That’s why The glow and shine that you get with this look makes you appear very healthy. To start with, mix a little bit of liquid highlighter with your daily moisturizer and use that as your base. For lips, you can either apply a tinted balm or go for glossy lips altogether. We would recommend you to use creamy products if you want to achieve the best results.  

BONUS: Hack for Makeup Looks

Doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a newbie at doing makeup, everyone needs a little tip or hack here and there. Below are three of our favorite makeup hacks that we think you must know. 

Mascara to Set Eyebrows

Hang on! We don’t want you to apply mascara directly to your eyebrows. All we’re suggesting is to use the spoolie of an old mascara to brush out your eyebrow hair. In this way, you’ll have no unruly hair and you’ll end up with a polished look. 

Lipstick as Blush/Color Corrector

For a natural effect, you can use your favorite shade of lipstick and use it as a blush. You can also use your lip tint as a blush to achieve a naturally flushed look. Also, if you need any color correction around your mouth or eyes, you can use orange matte lipstick. Just apply the lipstick around those areas and put on some concealer like you usually would. 

Eyeshadow as Highlighter

Did we tell you highlighter is your best friend? If not, we’re saying it now! It can easily be used with a moisturizer to get a subtle glow from within. But, it can also be applied as an eyeshadow and vice versa. You apply some shimmery eye shadow shade as your highlighter if you want to get that glam look and you’re maybe out of highlighter.  

Makeup is a girl’s best friend, but it works even better when you take care of your skin regularly. We all know that sleeping with makeup is a complete no-no, but you must exfoliate your skin weekly to get rid of the dead skin and get your natural glow. 

We hope we helped you with what you were looking for! Stay tuned to the blog for more exciting content related to Fashion and beauty!


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