Trending Lehenga Colors that Brides are Choosing this Summer

Indian weddings have always been a grand affair. After all, the title of ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ isn’t for nothing. Being a country of traditions, everything in an Indian wedding is expected to be absolutely perfect. From the venue to the menu and outfits, everything needs to be grand. A lot of Pandemic weddings had to be intimate affairs and it definitely changed the view of people regarding Indian weddings. While some people still prefer having small ceremonies, others have returned to the sparkly grand wedding styles. 

One of the major aspects of any wedding has to be the outfits of the couple and of course the family. But, when it comes to the bride’s outfit, it is important to keep one thing in mind – Balance. A bridal outfit needs to be embellished yet comfortable to have that relaxed and polished look at the end. Traditionally, red and maroon were the colors of the bridal outfits, but as time passed the modern Indian brides today want their outfits to speak loudly about their confidence and elegant fashion. If you are going to be a summer bride, read on to get more inspiration on trending lehenga colors for summer weddings

Lehenga Colors That Brides Are Choosing This Summer

Brides these days are choosing outfits that represent their personality and modernity at the same time. Gone are the days when brides used to opt for a heavy overall red or maroon lehenga. This summer we are seeing a lot of lighter and fun colors in summer wedding lehenga.  

Pastel Pink

pastel pink lehenga

If you are a minimalist bride, this one’s for you. A pastel pink lehenga looks absolutely stunning during a summer daytime wedding and it is one of the perfect summer wedding colors. You can opt for an overall pastel pink lehenga or you can take a contrast dupatta for an ethereal look. As this is a minimalist look, a light makeup look would be perfect!

Honey Gold

honey gold lehenga
honey golden lehenga

Yellow is considered to be a very happy, auspicious color in Indian tradition. Mostly, yellow is opted for by brides on their haldi day. While we love the bright tones of yellow, we are now catching the brides wearing a beautiful honey gold shade. It is toned down but slightly darker than ochre which gives a perfect honey tone to the entire shade. You can pair this up with multi-toned jewelry. 

Burnt Orange and Red

burnt red lehenga
burnt orange lehenga

If you are looking to get a perfect royal bridal look, you can opt for a burnt orange color. This is one of the best colors to make a great fashion impression while keeping a little bit of tradition alive. The Burnt orange and red lehenga is inspired by rich Mughal and Rajasthani culture and looks absolutely stunning. The best way to accessorize this lehenga is with a traditional royal jewelry set. You can opt for a choker or coordinated set of rani haar, a Nath, and maang teeka. 

Red and Mustard Yellow

red and mustard yellow lehenga
mustard red lehenga

As discussed above, yellow is considered to be an auspicious color and when mixed with the bright tones of red, it looks stunning! When mixed, mustard yellow and red emits the vibe of passion and intense love! In Indian culture, red is considered to be a significant part of almost all religious rites. When paired up with yellow, the combination is sure to bring fun and modernity to your bridal outfit. you can opt for kundan and jadau jewellery pieces to complete the look. 

Sage Green 

sage green lehenga
sage greenish lehenga

Another great color option for your bridal wear is sage green. This should be the one for you if you are looking for something minimal and don’t wanna wear pastels. For this color of lehenga, you can choose to wear emerald jewelry. We would recommend you opt for this type of color during cocktail nights or sangeet functions. 

Fuchsia Pink

fuchsia pink lehenga
pink lehenga

Fuchsia is a very beautiful color and definitely makes this list. It is a very happy and bright color and can be worn during any wedding function including mehendi, haldi, or the reception. You can choose to wear an overall fuchsia lehenga or you can wear a contrasting green dupatta for a delightful look. Pair up with emerald or Kundan jewelry to complete the royal look.  

These days, Indian weddings are expected to be a blend of tradition and the modern era that includes colors from bold to light-colored lehenga. Brides these days are looking for easy-going and comfortable bridal wear that does not look heavy to the eye. If you have some inspiration that we may have missed, be sure to hit the comment section. Stay tuned to the blog for more exciting content related to fashion and beauty.


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