Silver Statement Jewelry to Transform a Simple Look into Glamourous One

One thing that we all can agree on is that accessories play a big role in any look and they can surely level up your look. However, It can be an accessory that you love, a single piece can also work to make the change, whether it is something chunky, bright, bold, or silver statement jewelry pieces. When it comes to style, fashion, and trends the old saying of “Less is more” is surely loved by some of us, especially those of us who love to have some elegance in the look. On the other hand, there are some of us who prefer to experiment with different looks and styles and love to try out a variety of things each time. 

For the style gurus out there, the latest trend these days is to doll up with jewelry and dress up quite elegantly with a simple outfit. This type of trend is usually followed when you want all the attention away from the outfit and want all the eyes on your statement jewelry pieces. 

With jewelry, you will not only see some enhancement in your look but you will also have some new changes in how you feel when you allow the delicate jewelry pieces to add an extra touch of glam to your style. But, you cannot just put up any piece of jewelry with any outfit only to end up with something messy and gaudy. So, It would be appropriate to just keep the outfit easy and decent with layered pieces of your favorite silver statement jewelry pieces. 

With statement jewelry pieces, it would be effortless for you to make an impressive change in your style. Also, most of us will agree that when you look good you feel absolutely elated. So that gives jewelry pieces some extra brownie points to boost your mood as well. There are a lot of styles and designs in Indian fashion jewelry, there are bold statement rings, stylish necklaces, and chunky bracelets that make them an absolute must-have in the closet.

There are a lot of stylish accessory pieces that are chosen by women to create an edgy fashion statement, but with jewelry pieces, you should always remember that you need to wear them in the right way. As these pieces grab all the eyes around you, you must make sure to keep the clothing as simple as possible. There’s a really simple trick to it, you want to emphasize the piece you want the attention to. As easy as that! 

Silver Statement Jewelry Pieces That You Must Have 

There are a lot of styles and designs to choose from when it comes to Indian fashion jewelry. There are chokers, chunky bracelets, bib necklaces, big pendants, chunky bold rings, big bangles, and bracelets. It is important to understand which jewelry must be styled with what kind of outfits. Most importantly, if you want to layer your jewelry, you must know how to do that as one wrong move can end up making you look a complete mess. Layered jewelry can definitely give you an edgy look. You can choose to mix in different colors, styles, and sizes to get a different but super stylish look every time. 

Unlike other types of jewelry like Gold or Kundan, When it is about styling your silver jewelry pieces there is not much that needs to be done. All you need to do is just add some basic pieces to your outfit and you are perfect to head out. Below we have shared a few of our most loved silver oxidized jewelry pieces that you can definitely try on with your ethnic as well as Western looks. 


silver choker
traditional choker
stylish choker

You can try on a chunky silver choker on a beautiful saree, tie your hair in a bun to get a classy look or you can simply pair up a light choker with a longer silver neckpiece to put on with a stylish kurta and pant look. Also, to style a  lightweight choker with an elegant design you can mix it up with simple silver studs to finish the look. If you want to have an arm candy you can also wear a silver clutch bag to get a more put-together look. 


silver earrings
statement earrings
afghani tribal design earrings

For statement earrings such as a gorgeous set of chandbali or maybe some Afghani tribal design or some chunky silver earrings can amp up any look in just minutes. They are so versatile that they can be styled with an easy white shirt and also it can change the look of a vintage Banarasi saree. They are just perfect to count on doesn’t matter what you decide on wearing. 


silver statement jewelry

A hathphool is something that many of us wouldn’t think of wearing in the first place. But it is definitely something that will grab all the attention when you trade in your regular kadas or bangles with a stylish silver hathphool. They are perfect to give you the edgy look and style that you are looking for. 



A bajubandh or an armlet can be a piece of jewelry that may seem a little out there, but it surely adds an old-school touch to your modern style. Silver Armlets have been a loved accessory piece since the old era and have been one of the most stylish jewelry pieces worn in Indian fashion jewelry. Worn with Indian or Western attire this piece will definitely give a touch of royalty to your style.


statement chunky rings
silver ring
silver rings
chunky silver rings

Chunky rings are another versatile piece when it comes to silver jewelry. It not only is perfect to be worn with ethnic outfits but pairs up great with Western wear as well. Chunky silver rings can also be a great way to add a boho touch to your Western outfit. 


silver nose pin

Original or Press-on nose pin/nath can easily transform your ethnic look into a more traditional look. Silver oxidized jewelry is highly in trend these days, and silver naths are not behind as well. These are not only popular amongst women but you may also see a lot of young girls choosing this accessory. They look absolutely mesmerizing in cotton sarees and suits. 

When it comes to Indian jewelry pieces it always comes down to ethnic wear. But you can give rest to fashion trends once and for all and choose to style these pieces however you love.

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