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How to Choose and Fix Your Maang Tikkas for Different Hairstyles?

Maang Tikkas have been a huge part of Indian fashion jewelry when it comes to getting ready for a special event either as an Indian wedding guest, getting ready for a festival, or maybe getting ready for your wedding. Low bun hairstyle with maang tikkas play a huge role in bridal trousseau as well. It is a very essential piece of jewelry for a bride or anyone who wants to glam up for a function 

There cannot be a better time to share about Indian fashion jewelry than this because the wedding and the festive season are quickly approaching. As the Pandemic situation is getting lighter on us we’re sure that most of you are looking forward to looking your best this celebratory season. As celebratory fashion requires a lot of traditional clothing pieces. Indian outfits are all about accessorizing with different jewelry pieces and styling up graciously with makeup. When it comes to choosing jewelry pieces for your ethnic outfits there are a lot of choices to spoil you for good! There are chokers, jhumkas, kadas and of course maang tikkas. However, Maang tikkas are not that common to be in everyone’s closet. It is not as versatile as some pieces lying in your closet like a bracelet, earring, or ring but it can surely level up any outfit you choose to wear. 

There are a lot of styles and designs that come in maang tikka jewelry. There is chaand tikka, borla style, crescent maang tikka, mathapatti, string maang tikka just to name a few. There are a lot of styles to choose from and that can be done based on your preferences, your outfit, hair, or maybe your face shape. We recommend you try on different styles of maang tikka before finalizing one. But, Maang tikkas are styled on the hair and it might be very difficult to keep them in place. But there are some hairstyles that look really beautiful and can also keep your maang tikkas intact. Here, in this blog post, we are sharing different hairstyles that go best with different maang tikka and how you can fix them to stay in place. 


french braid

Brides-to-be are going super crazy over this stunning-looking hairstyle and we know that you would surely too! All you need to do is tie the hair in a kind of loose French braid and wear a decent Kundan Matha Patti or maang tikka. To add up some more glam you can pair it up with some little accessories on the braid. If you want to look a little more effortless you can tie your hair simply in a French braid hairstyle with maang tikka and pull on some of the extra strands with a very light hand to accomplish that.


loose plait

If you ask us, we believe that there are two types of brides, one who chooses the bun hairdo and the other one who is obsessed with braids. If you fall under the second category, then this style is the one for you. You can just tie your hair into a loose plait and pull out some strands to get a little messy look. You can then add some tiny little flowers to your braid to get a put-together look. You can opt to wear a Borla or a Crescent maang tikka if you choose this hairstyle with maang tikka!


open hair with middle parting

Sometimes the best way to get all the eyes on you is just to go easy and glam. This is for all the sleek lovers! It is a really versatile choice and works for every girl out there. Whether it’s a traditional or indo-western outfit, this type of hairstyle looks perfect with absolutely anything. For this type of style, the steps are very easy and clear; you need to apply hair serum to nourish the hair and then use a flat iron to get the straightened look. With these types of hairstyles with maang tikka open hair, a polki style maang tikka will look incredible. 


open hair with middle parting
middle parting

If you are looking for one hairstyle that will level up your appearance for any traditional occasion, this style is for you! With loose wavy hair and middle parting, you can style up any of your favorite maang tikkas. Whether you like diamonds or Kundan or maybe polki. All of these styles will look absolutely perfect with open wavy hair. This type of front hairstyle with maang tikka is perfect for floor-length anarkalis or sarees. This type of hairstyle can glam up any look and enhance your look even more.


low bun
low bun hairstyle

A hairdo as easy as a low bun or twisted bun looks absolutely stunning and casual at the same time. A bun hairstyle with maang tikka is perfect for every girl who thinks comfort is better than style. To give an additional twist to a traditional bun you can also go for a messy bun with some stunning baby’s breath flowers! For this type of hairstyle, you can choose a decent and delicate maang diamond tikka.

On the other hand, you can also choose and make a statement appearance with a crown braid bun. It looks absolutely Simple yet stylish!


There are 2 sure-shot ways that can help you in keeping your maang tikka in place. 

  1. Eyelash Glue

We know, right? It’s quite scary to put on glue to keep your maang tikka intact. But an eyelash glue can surely do the trick. You can just apply a little eyelash glue to the corners of your maang tikka and it will not move that easily. 

  1. Double-sided Tape

Another way to keep a maang tikka in place is to put on some double-sided tape at the center of the maang tikka and put it on your forehead. It is considered to be one of the easiest ways to keep your maang tikka in place. 

Well, now you are good to go!

This is it from our side. If you have any more tips on styling a maang tikka or keeping it in place. Shoot out your suggestions to us in the comments below! Stay tuned to the blog for more exciting content on Fashion and Beauty!


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