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Homegrown Skincare Brands in India That Need Your Attention

When it comes to stacking up skincare, we usually prefer trying known global brands that are everyone’s favorites. Not only because of their top reviews but also because they are well-loved by the fashion and beauty influencers, globally. But when it comes to a normal consumer, the knowledge about these skincare and beauty products is very minimal. We can never really have the exact information about the ingredients that fall into the creation of a product. Details about where it is manufactured and similar details are mostly unknown by the consumer.  But surely there are also some Homegrown Skincare Brands in India that really deserve to get your attention, time, and money. There are several brands that we use daily that may not be well for Indian skin. The Indian beauty market has surely geared up. There are a lot of small to big Indian skincare brands that are manufacturing their products to be well suited for Indian skin, Indian climate, and other related factors in mind. 

The homegrown beauty sector may be the upcoming revolution in the world. Many of us just love to try the au natural brands, especially because of the organic concoctions made in India keeping all the skincare and beauty secrets in mind. Skincare is surely an investment for all of us. Things have changed from the past, we have moved ahead in time as well as with stress, pollution, hectic work life, and most importantly, an unhealthy eating routine which can directly affect our health and skincare in so many ways. So, it’s better to just try and search for products and brands that provide the extra care. Some brands manufacture their products using the best, high-quality, organic ingredients. Some of these products are curated with principles deeply rooted in Ayurveda. And beyond all this, isn’t it perfect to support Indian skincare brands?

Skincare and Beauty are very personal and vary for different skin types, there are local brands that are vocalizing ayurvedic, clean, and vegan practices that are not only good for the skin but also the environment. Amongst the thousands of brands available in the market, below are our top picks of clean homegrown skincare brands in India that you need in your life right now! 

Homegrown Skincare Brands in India


Arias is a new brand promoting healthy skincare products. Owned by Lara Dutta the brand was launched at all Health & Glow counters. The brand highly promotes vegetarian, no-cruelty, paraben-free, and no-chemical skincare products, where everything from manufacturing to delivery is done in-house. So the brand has 11 products including face washes, toners, masks, and serums with day and night creams. There is a 3-in-1 cleanser mask that is known to be the most popular product from the brand. It contains matcha tea, witch hazel along with cellulose microbeads. It helps in exfoliating, deep cleaning, and moisturizing. The products come in the mid-range category and the most expensive product is also under Rs. 1000. 


A brand created by Payal & Satyen Thaker is set to change the standards created by the beauty community. Everything in the brand is made from scratch. Every ingredient and every product has a unique touch added to it, it takes a lot of time creating and ensuring they really work for the consumer. YBP Skin Care is based on the principles of science about how body, mind, and skin function together. The brand doesn’t believe in the concept of creating one “magic” product promising to give the user the most beautiful skin ever. One of the best products from the range has to be YBP plant remedy, a skincare product working effectively without causing any negative effects as shared by a number of its users. The product is a mixture of 4 oils, Argan Oil, Blue Tansy Oil, Geranium Oil, and Rosemary CO2 Extract. The products offered fall somewhere into the high-price range but again skincare is a gift to yourself.


SkinLab as a brand likes to think of itself as your ultimate skincare mentor. Founded by Dr. Jamuna Pai (Miss India Organisation skincare expert for the past two decades) chose aesthetic medicine in 1994 when she decided to follow her passion for beauty and skincare. One best-selling product has to be the SkinLab Protective Day Cream (SPF 30). It has a loyal fan following of top-notch celebrities and skincare junkies of the country. The products fall under the mid-range price category and they have been curated with top science-backed ingredients. 


Hyderabad, Telangana-based Pulp Cosmetics is India’s very first superfood skincare brand created for millennials. They specialize in offering Vegan Superfood Skincare. Owned by Goutham Uppaluri, the brand uses all types of superfoods in its products. So you can expect a lot of spinach, turmeric and so on in their products. They have two famous high-selling products — Date Night Prep and Day After Binge. The Date Night Prep is kombucha and rose and the Day After Binge is packed with spinach and turmeric. It means you’ll actually apply all these greens (that are perfect for your health) to your skin. The product is perfect for someone who is looking out for a mid-range skincare brand. 


The brand is owned by Mohit Yadav and Rahul Yadav. This brand is a completely transparent skincare brand. They have been completely honest about the ingredients they put in their products. Minimalists become popular just when they initially launched. One of the best serums from the brand is Minimalist Niacinamide Serum which is perfect for Acne-Prone & Blemish Prone Skin and is known to fade acne marks, smoothen skin texture. The brand is budget-friendly and is perfect for anyone looking out for good serums to promote healthy skin. 


The brand offers topical cosmetic-pharmaceutical hybrid creations that have ingredients that promote skin’s biological function, helping the consumers in receiving targeted treatments of different hair and skin issues that may be short to long term. Owned by Vipul Gupta, the brand is SLS and Paraben free. All the products fall under the mid-range category and one of the best products from the range is Skin Radiance Cream For Hyperpigmentation & Dark Spots which proves to be very effective in treating and removing pigmentation from the face and it also helps in Repairing age spots & freckles on face and evening out the skin tone.

Have you used any of the above-mentioned Indian skincare brands anytime? If yes, which one was your absolute favorite? Let us know in the comments below! Stay tuned to the blog for more exciting content related to fashion and beauty!


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