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Most Loved Variations in Minimal Makeup Looks

Even though many of us have different opinions on various topics, we all may agree with ‘Minimalism’. Minimalism is becoming huge these days. But the one thing that is gaining the most recognition is Minimal makeup looks. Makeup is for everyone, some people like to go full-on and some of us like the natural look, and this article is surely for the latter. People are choosing to be minimal with their choices these days be it fashion, clothing, or lifestyle in general and it can also be seen in their makeup selection as well. In this blog post, we are sharing our best tips for creating Minimal/nude makeup looks, that will not only save you some extra minutes but also save you some bucks you spent on hundreds of makeup products. 

How To Do Minimal Makeup 

Minimal makeup looks are just how they sound, Minimal. You don’t need to use gazillions of products to get these types of looks, you only need a limited amount of products to simply enhance your features. You might not even need a foundation or a concealer, just a glow-enhancing moisturizer and you are good to go. 

On the other hand, if you are looking to get some more coverage you can use some foundation with your regular moisturizer to get that glow-from-within look. But if you decide to wear a foundation, we would advise you to wear a primer first for smooth application of the rest of your makeup products. In particular, minimal makeup is a day-to-day look or a party look that you can achieve in a short amount of time which can still make an impact without you looking cakey.

Variations in Minimal Makeup Looks 

If you are someone who wants to try minimal makeup looks and don’t know where to start from, we are here to share a few variations that you can try in Minimal makeup looks. 


monochrome makeup

The monochrome makeup is unique and involves putting the same color products on two or more facial features. It can be eyes, lips, and cheeks. For example, you can use a matte taupe or brown eye shadow paired up with some mascara and similar brown or taupe lipstick. The best part about this look is you need minimum effort and the look can be created in any color palette of your choice. This type of look goes with both traditional dresses and also for evening party looks. 


soft smudge eyes
smudge eyes

Maybe you need to try something different than the precise lines and move to the smoother side. The smudged eye look provides a whole new dimension and perspective to your makeup look. It makes the eyes appear more natural. When paired with mascara and nude lip, you get a completely put-together look. 


coral pout
coral shade

This look is perfect for the summer season. This one is probably using the least amount of products. All you need to do is put on a heavy layer of mascara, leave the brows unruly, and put on your favorite coral shade of lipstick , and you are done!


glossy lipstick
glossy lids

This is another variation of minimal makeup looks. It is perfect for parties when you don’t want to apply too much makeup. Just put on some no-smudge glossy eyeshadow and apply some berry lip tint and you are good to go. This look involves the least effort but looks very pretty. 


windged liner
black liner

This is one of the most loved makeup trends. A winged liner looks really classy and chic with any sort of makeup. It also goes perfectly with minimal makeup. Pair it up with your favorite bold or nude lipstick (yes it works with both) and you are ready!


graphic liner
coral shade liner

This one is for those of you who like to experiment with makeup choices. Just put on a beautiful shade of lipstick like mauve, brown, berry shade, coral shade, and a graphic liner. This look is perfect for summer and daytime outings with your girlfriends. 


colored liner look
colored liner

This look doesn’t require much effort but looks very put together and out there. You can try it out with the color of your choice and pair it up with glossy lips to complete the look. There are a lot of colored eyeliners available in the market to choose from. Choose the one that you love and we promise you it’ll look amazing with any look. 

Clean, Clean, Clean

Now, Just because you’re not putting on a lot of makeup doesn’t mean you can just leave at night. Doesn’t matter how much makeup you have put on, it gets mixed with the gunk and oils on your face while you sleep at night and get your pores clogged, which can eventually lead to bad breakouts. 

Do yourself a little favor by keeping a small bottle of micellar water close to your bed. Now, All you have to do is take it on a cotton pad lightly rub the cotton all over your face, and wash your face with a good face wash.

Hope we have helped you search for the perfect minimal makeup looks. Stay tuned to the blog for more exciting content related to fashion and beauty!


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