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Best Pocket-friendly Hair Styling Tools and Hacks

Flaunting gorgeous hair is every girl’s dream. But let’s face it! Haircare products and tools can be quite pricey. But not to deny, great hair styling tools play a major role. Unfortunately visiting a hair salon every week isn’t possible for most of us, but getting perfect hair every time is! 

Whether you are on the hunt for a curling wand to get those perfect curls a hairdryer to cut drying time in half or a hair straightener to get smoother locks there are hundreds of products to choose from. Therefore, we have curated a list of the best pocket-friendly hair styling tools and hacks to get you the perfect hair, every single time!

Best Pocket-friendly Hair Styling Tools

Nova Nhp-8100/05 Hair Dryer + 860 Hair Straightener Combo Kit (Black)

Nova Hair Dryer

The first one on the list is this budget-friendly hairdryer and straightener combo. Qualified with ionic conditioning technology, this hair dryer ensures that your hair is well taken care of during styling. This combo also has a hair straightener which comes with a patented ceramic coating that can be used for creating defined curls as well. It’s a great buy if you are looking for a pocket-friendly hair styling tools combo! 

Agaro Instastraight Slim Hair Straightener – HS-7512

agaro hair straightener

If you are a fan of pin-straight hair, this one is for you! This Agaro hair straightener comes with Ceramic and tourmaline-coated plates which minimize frizz and give you a smooth polished look. The floating plates of the straightener ensure quick and even heat distribution minimizing hair damage. It’s a great budget-friendly option if you want professionally styled hair at home in just a few minutes! 

Philips Selfie Straightener (HP8302/06)

philips selfie strightener

As the name suggests, this hair straightener is sure to give you a selfie-ready look in just a few minutes! High-quality, sleek style and ceramic plates ensure that the straightener glides smoothly over your hair ensuring less damage. It comes with a quick heating technology which makes the straightener ready to use in just 60 seconds! 

GUBB USA Hair Rollers Small and Large (For Curls)

Self-grip rollers

This one is for the curly-hair lovers out there! These self-grip rollers work amazingly if you are looking to get those perfectly defined curls. It is one of the best, affordable, and convenient ways to curl your hair at home without excessive heat damage. 

BBLUNT High-Definition Curl Defining Leave-In Cream

Blunt Leave-In Cream

Curly hair has its own beautiful charm. They look voluminous and the texture looks just perfect. But, we get it! Managing curls is a completely different task. Unlike straight hair, curly hair can become dry and unruly, this is where this leave-in cream comes to the rescue. It is an affordable and easily accessible leave-in cream for curly hair beauties! 

Easy Hair Hacks 

All these hair hacks work magic as the results are pretty amazing, aren’t they? And they are heatless, which means no heat damage!

Sock Curls 

It is one of the easiest ways to style your hair. You don’t need to visit a salon and that isn’t even the best part! The best part is…Drumrolls…It’s Overnight!! 

These sock curls are voluminous, defined, and long-lasting! So let’s get started, shall we?

For this hack, you’ll need four to six old socks. The number of socks actually depends on the thickness of your hair. 

Step-By-Step Sock Curls

  • Start with towel-dried, detangled damp hair as it will help set the curls. Your hair should be damp enough to dry overnight as you sleep. 
  • Divide your hair into sections according to the style that you are looking for. Remember, more sections for tighter curls and lesser sections for loose curls. 
Sock Curls
  • Now, all you have to do is wrap your hair section around the middle of the sock. The wrapping does not need to be perfect but close would work well. Remember to leave the ends of the sock so it is easier to tie. (you can also wrap the strands starting from the middle to get a flatter scalp.)
  • Now just tie the ends of the sock into a knot and make sure it is tight enough so that it doesn’t loosen up while you sleep. After finishing this step you’ll end up with knots of socks with hair wrapped around them. (you can also mist some water on hair if you feel they are drying) That’s it! 
Step of Sock Curls
  • In the morning, once the socks are out you’ll have the most amazing curls. If you want bouncy curls, you can comb them with your finger and just end the process with some hair spray. And voila! The perfect heatless curls! 

Overnight Loose Braid for Loose Curls

This is also one of the best and easiest ways to get those beautiful loose curly hair!

Loose Curls

Step-By-Step Loose Braid For Loose Curls

  • Start with detangled dry hair. You don’t want to wet your hair for this to work. 
  • Now just divide your hair into three equal sections. For loose curls, you’ll need to divide your hair into bigger sections. On the other hand, if you want you can divide your hair into thinner sections and you’ll end up with tighter curls. 
  • After dividing the hair into three sections, start by carefully braiding your hair like you normally would, by putting one outer strand over the middle strand and then repeating the process to the opposite outer strand. Remember to not tighten the braid too much, just enough to last overnight. 
  • Now, all you have to do is just secure your braid with a rubber tie, and you are done! 
  • In the morning, just remove the rubber band and open the braid. Put on the hair spray and you’ll end up with beautiful loose curls!

Overnight French Braid for Tighter Curls  

Now if you are looking for tighter curls, this one’s for you! 

Tighter Curls

Step-By-Step French Braid For Tighter Curls 

  • Begin with detangle dry hair. You won’t need to wet your hair for this process as well. 
  • Divide your hair into three sections starting from the crown of your head and start braiding your hair like the process mentioned above. 
  • Now as you braid, you need to add new small sections of hair from the side of your head as you overlap your hair sections. Remember to braid the hair tightly. 
  • When all the hair from the side of your head is braided, just braid your hair normally, secure it with a rubber tie, and sleep.  
  • In the morning, just remove the rubber band, comb your hair with your fingers and apply hairspray! 

Just try out these easy hacks to get your hair looking professionally styled without even visiting a salon! Do let us know in the comments if you have tried any of these or any other heatless hairstyling hacks or pocket-friendly hair-styling tools! 

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