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Outfits to Wear to an Indian Wedding in Winter

We are nearing winter, and with winter also comes many wedding cards roaming in the house. Attending Indian weddings is always fun and that includes fun festivities like Haldi, Mehndi, Roka, Sangeet, and Pheras, meeting friends and relatives, eating delicious food, and how can we forget dressing up in the best wedding guest attire. But, attending weddings in the winter makes the task of choosing your outfits for the wedding functions quite tricky. You can’t wear your backless choli or blouse, sleeveless kurtas, or short cholis. These outfits will not allow you to enjoy the festivities due to the cold weather, and in most cases, you’re going to be sick. Here, we’ve rounded up the best winter wedding guest dresses to help you decide the look that will allow you to be warm enough to enjoy the festivities and make you look stylish and elegant. 

Fabrics Suitable for a Winter wedding

  • Silk: Silk is one of the fabrics that provide a lot of warmth, which is essential for winter. In addition, silk also provides a rich look. Hence, choosing silk outfits will offer you both warmth and a rich look for the winter wedding. 
  • Velvet: Like silk, velvet is also a fabric that provides you with a cozy feeling along with a very sophisticated look, thus ticking off the most critical checkboxes for a winter wedding. 
  • Wool: As the temperature starts to drop, wool is the only material that insulates like nothing else. Selecting the right pieces of woolen fabric for your wedding in winter outfit will offer you a cozy and rich style for the wedding festivities. 
  • Brocade: Heavy and elegant, brocade is a fabric that is best suited to wear in a winter wedding if you’re going for a timeless and elegant look. 

Styling Ideas For a Winter Wedding Outfit

  • Woollen Embroidered Shawls: If you’re a winter wedding guest, then you have to be warm enough to survive it, and there is nothing better than a shawl to keep you warm. Pairing a woolen embroidered shawl with a straight kurta pant set and heavy earrings will provide you with a classy look for the wedding festivities. Draping a woolen embroidered shawl over both shoulders or the shoulder opposite to the loose end of your sari is also a trendy and elegant style perfect for a winter wedding. And if you’re wearing a lehenga, don’t even hesitate to replace the chunni with an embroidered woolen shawl with shades that complement the lehenga. 
woolen embroidered shawls
woollen shawl
  • Layering: The more the volume of the clothes you’re wearing, the more protection against the chilly weather. Using long silk jackets with lehenga will provide you with just the right amount of volume to be protected from the cold weather. Draping a heavy banarasi dupatta as a cape over your shoulders or tucking it in a belt will provide you with the perfect elegant look for the winter wedding.
banarasi dupatta
  • Pair Your Anarkali with Straight Pants: Even though it is full length, pairing your Anarkali with straight silk pants matching your color palette will protect you from the cold. Adding heavy Kundan earrings or a neckpiece, traditional juttis, and a standard clutch will compliment your outfit and provide a rich and elegant look. 
anarkali with straight pants
silk paints
  • Add a Shirt or Peplum Top to Your Lehenga: Wearing a short choli with your lehenga at a winter wedding will do you no good. Instead, replace the short choli with a plain silk shirt and pair the lehenga-shirt set with a heavy necklace and a clutch to compliment your style. Peplum tops are also a great alternative to short cholis. The best shades for the silk shirt and peplum tops will be obtained from the same color palette as that of your lehenga. When choosing jewelry, it is always good to either don a heavy neckpiece or heavy earrings.  
shirt top to your lehenga
peplum top
  • Bring in Your Turtle Neck Warmer: Turtle neck warmers are one of the best pieces of clothing for a winter day, but most people think that it is impossible to incorporate them into a wedding outfit. You can wear a turtle neck warmer with similar tones as your outfit under your shirt. Turtle necks can also be worn under the kurta of your kurta pant set or your Anarkali, providing you with the correct amount of warmth to enjoy the wedding festivities. One of the best ways to style your outfit with a turtle neck warmer is to top them off with a heavy choker set and a traditional clutch. 
Turtle neck warmers
neck warmer
  • Select Full Sleeves Blouse: A Saree is one of the best timeless outfits for a wedding, but wearing a short-sleeved or backless blouses with your saree in a winter wedding will leave you just cold and uncomfortable. Instead, wear a saree with a full-sleeved blouse, a saree looks the most elegant when paired with a full-sleeved blouse, and during the winter season, the blouse serves its purpose as well. Add heavy earrings, a clutch, and either mojaris, pumps, strappy sandals, or stilettos to make your outfit more stylish, elegant, and sophisticated.
full sleeves blouse
full sleeves blouse saree
saree with full sleeves blouse
saree with full sleeves
full sleeves lenhenga

Attending an Indian winter wedding is too much fun to attend and look your best. But always remember you’ll look stylish, elegant and at your best only if you’re comfortable in what you wear. Just trying to wear outfits that are not meant for the particular winter wedding will just make you more uncomfortable and nothing more. Try wearing outfits that cover you up enough and are made of fabrics that provide you with enough warmth. Woolen embroidered shawls worn over sarees or with lehengas constitute an excellent outfit. Layering is also a good method to form a good wedding outfit, but remember that you must put the layers together with thorough thinking. Adding too many layers to your wedding outfit might make you more uncomfortable. Remember to pair silk pants with your Anarkali, and replace your short choli with a shirt or a peplum top. Adding the right accessories to your outfit is the key step to making your outfit look more elegant, sophisticated, and trendy. 

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