Top Five Different Ways to Style a Knitted Jumper

As we are entering the winter season, there can be no other warm and cozy friend for us than a Jumper! It is an easy-to-wear and timeless choice to beat the chills of winter. For winter fashion, the correct choice of a trendy yet practical warm sweater is a must. However, for too many of us, the purchase of a jumper may seem simple and quick, but there are a lot of elements that need to be taken into account, to end up with the best piece for oneself and it will surely be without any type of compromise. So let’s get started with our journey to choosing the best-knitted jumper. 

Things to Consider to Choose the Best Jumper

To many of us, choosing a jumper for the colder months may seem like a simple task. You may wonder, what is it in choosing a jumper, right? But that’s not how you should see it. Whenever you are buying a piece of clothing, you need to keep in mind the look you are going for. After all, you don’t want to end up with something that you may not even wear right? Apart from that, you would also want to consider how well the piece goes with other pieces in your wardrobe because that’s the key to sustainable fashion. You need to look your best but it would be an amazing step to also be a little conscious of the environment. For winter style, There are other things that you may also want to consider before choosing your perfect jumper:


Of course, you can choose a solid-colored jumper, they are just timeless and classic. But as far as the trends go, we’re seeing a lot of multicolored or two-toned pieces this year. But if you wish to experiment with solid colors, something in burnt orange or purple would be something that we would highly recommend. 


Length plays a very big role when you are deciding on a jumper. You need to think if you want to go with a chic cropped sweater look or do you want to opt for an elegant sweater dress. You may also go for an easy and traditional look that rests on your waist. But before all that you need to think about the bottoms, you’ll be pairing the jumper with because that will be the base of your decision on the fit and length of the jumper. 


Another element to consider is to see what knit style you prefer the most. There are a lot of knit types available in the market. There are smaller knits, chunkier ones, cable style, twisted knits, zig-zag knits, and plaited knits to name a few. Therefore, you need to decide on what you would prefer the most. 

How to Style a Jumper in Different Ways

Now that you have selected your jumper, you may need some help on how to style it. There are a lot of ways to style a jumper and look your absolute best. So let’s get started with our top five ways to style a jumper!


knitted jumpers

style knitted jumpers

To style knitted jumpers as a dress, all you need to do is wear a jumper over a dress or a skirt and wear a similar colored thin belt under it until the belt isn’t visible anymore and you are good to go!


black long jumpers
long jumpers
style with long jumpers

You can throw on oversized neutral-colored long jumpers over a pair of black tights/leggings and style with a black sling bag, you are all set to go for a casual outing.


long jumpers with baggy jeans
long jumpers with skinny jeans
jumpers with mom jeans
white baggy jeans with purple jumper

To get a comfortable yet chic look, you can pair your jumper with a pair of baggy, skinny, or mom jeans along with a pair of stylish sneakers to head out for a chill coffee date. 


jumper with black woollen skirt
woollen skirt
woollen skirt styles
long jumpers with woollen skirt

Sweater skirts are highly in-trend these days. These types of skirts look perfect with a jumper in fall/winter. You can style up with a pair of kitten heels for an ultra-stylish look. 


denim dungaree
jumpers with dungaree

Another amazing way to style your favorite jumper is to wear it under a dungaree. You can choose any of your most loved neutral-toned jumpers and wear them under a denim dungaree. To complete the look you can wear a pair of white sneakers and you are good to go!

A jumper is a highly versatile piece of clothing that can enhance any look at any time. We hope that we have helped you to understand what is in winter fashion for ladies.

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