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A blog where we shine a bright light on everything that a fashion or beauty enthusiast would love. Here at Beminimal, our motto is simple; we aim to build a community that revolves around passion points from various categories like Beauty, Culture, Fashion, and Heritage. While we believe it is possible to strive to become just the best version of yourself, we also believe that conscious environment-friendly choices play a major role. Whether it’s through a gorgeous dress, new lipstick, or other lifestyle choices, we’ve got the ideas for you to break the stereotypes. 

With Beminimal we seek to create a positive resourceful community where we share ways to improve ourselves and the environment, and further encourage sustainability while underlining the brands and individuals who are creating a real change. 

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About the Owner of BeMinimal

Hi! I’m Mudita. A Web Developer by Profession and The creator behind Beminimal!

As a young girl, I gravitated towards Fashion and Beauty. The idea of new fashion trends and beauty trends always captivated me. Growing towards my teenage years, I used to fill my spare time with fashion magazines, newspapers, and movies and that is how my love for fashion and beauty flourished. 

While growing up, the various aspects of fashion and beauty intrigued me. With my curiosity to understand more about various facets of fashion and beauty, I indulged myself in researching more about the design, production, marketing, and advertising of local, high street, and luxury brands.

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The idea of Beminimal came when I decided to give my passion its well-deserved wings! I loved reading blogs on fashion and therefore, I created Beminimal as an antidote to the perfection that we see in the online world. With my blog and my team, I want to help you in becoming more conscious of your beauty and fashion choices. My aim is to ignite a spark of creativity in you and to bring you an inspiration to become the best version of yourself and to focus more on the things that bring you absolute joy!

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I want this community to be a place where we all learn and grow into more conscious beings who are aware of their choices and their impact on the planet while still being fashion & beauty enthusiasts.

I welcome you with open arms ! 

Love and Gratitude! 

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