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Bizarre Beauty and Fashion Trends That Evaporated

Fashion and beauty trends come and go. They change with seasons, time, and whatnot. Every new day might come with a brand new trend that may or may not have existed before. We always see millennials trying out new fashion and beauty trends with hopes to get increased likes and followers on their social media accounts. With crazy fashion trends and beauty trends – we have seen it all. But the major thing is, these trends can be wonderful and they can also be wacky. Some trends may make you feel great but on the other hand, some can also make you go like “WTH?”

While we love some of the beauty trends, there are some strange beauty trends from the past. Let’s look at some of the beauty and makeup trends that were once popular and sought after, but now some have evaporated. 

Corkscrew Nails 

corkscrew nail look

The crazy fashion trend came in talks from Kiara Sky Nail Products. The nails were shaped and painted with acrylics after which straw was placed under the tip of the nail to create a spiral around. After drying, the straw was removed and the nail was filed and painted giving it a corkscrew look. 

Nose Hair Extension

nose hair extension

Years after trying out this weird thing, it was finally accepted as a Trend. The style came up in 2017 when an Instagram user @gret_chen_chen flaunted the new style on Instagram. It involves using eyelash glue to stick on the lashes to the insides of the nose.  However, it did not gain popularity right away (obvious reasons) but people were seen embracing the trend nearly after two years. 

Neon Colors

neon shots
neon one piece
multi dress

Wearing Neon yellow and pink probably be very common. But there was a time when orange and neon greens were popping up too much. These colors were seen in more sporty and functional outfits. Also, neon accessories were very common in shoes and bags. During that phase, painting the nails with bright neon hues was a very big thing too. 

Color Pencils as Eyeliner 

color pencil as euyeliner
eyeliner pencil color

With so many eyeliners available in the market, it is quite difficult to choose the best ones. But this trend came with an option, a kid staple – Color pencils, to be used as eyeliner. Many big names in colored pencils have strongly advised against this beauty practice as these pencils are not approved to use as an eyeliner or lipliner. 

Ear Makeup 

Ear makeup
makeup on ear

The trend of ear makeup emerged five years ago, but never managed to break out. But after the Global Pandemic when people are forced to wear a facemask, it trend seems to be gaining popularity with people who love experimenting with makeup. This trend is forcing people to get creative and enhance their looks. Also, when the makeup doesn’t seem to be enough, ears are adorned with beads, patches, and other accessories. This is also one of the popular crazy beauty trends 2021. 

Laminated Eyebrows

laminated eyebrows

This was one of the hottest trends in the beauty industry. With the love of full and fluffy brows, this trend became so popular. The trend worked wonders for people with thick and unruly eyebrow hair, giving them a lifted, fuller, and tamed look by filling in the gaps. 

Rainbow Teeth 

rainbow teeth

This was one of the weirdest beauty trends and it came just when we thought rainbow colors would look good with absolutely anything. People were actually painting their teeth to match up with their nail polishes and outfits. This trend took over social media platforms quicker than we thought. 

Cornstarch as Setting Powder 

cornstarch makeup

Another crazy fashion and beauty trend has to be using cornstarch as makeup setting powder. We think people misunderstood the term “baking” in makeup for baking cakes. With this makeup trend, corn starch was being used by numerous beauty influencers across social media platforms to set their makeup looks. 

Colorful Hair Trend

Blue – Might seem a crazy choice for hair color, but blue quickly became the most loved choice for hair colors. From influencers to celebrities, this color was seen as the favorite choice for everyone. 

blue color hair
colourful hair trends

Green – Green hair color trend was one of the hottest crazy fashion trends in 2020. Though it has maintained its popularity during 2021 as well, we are seeing it losing its popularity slowly. While green hair is mostly associated with grunge girls, it’s a trend that anybody could pull off easily if they find the right shade of green for their skin tone. 

green color hair

Pink – This might be something that almost every millennial girl craved in 2020 and now 2021. The beautiful bubblegum pink hair doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon and we couldn’t be more excited. With the shades of pink all, you need to remember is the color of your skin and it will look gorgeous! 

pinkish hair color

Unicorn – Multi-colored hairstyles might have got a new name now – Unicorn Hair. a combination of beautiful pale colors is used in this type of hair color. This hair color type stands out from the basic blonde, brown, and black hair colors that we are used to seeing. Once you hop on board with a unicorn hair color, there is no going back.

unicorn hair color

So here we are at the end of another fun article! There is a lot of other crazy fashion and beauty trends as well. Some of them may have evaporated now and some might still work for someone. Let us know in the comments if you have tried any of these bold beauty trends or have heard of some trends that we should have added to this list. 

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