Doll Up for the Festivities: 5 Easy Hairstyles To Do At Home 

The festive season is a wonderful time, filled with happy faces, dazzling lights, and an upbeat environment.  It’s when we pay more attention to picking the right clothing, emphasizing our makeup, and covering ourselves in dazzling jewelry. But when it comes to our entire appearance, one feature frequently takes center stage—our hairdo. Well-styled hair can enhance your festive appearance and give you a more confident, polished look.

While going to a salon may cross your mind, we’re here to assure you that getting gorgeous hairstyles doesn’t always call for a trip to the salon. You can create some of the most stunning and unique hairstyles in the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is to go on a DIY hair journey that is very smooth, needs a few basic equipment, and the willingness to try something new.

In this article, we’ll look at several festive hairstyles that are simple to create on your own. There is something here for every event and personal style, ranging from the elegantly simple to the pleasantly intricate. These do-it-yourself hairstyles can help you get the perfect finishing touch for your look, whether you’re getting ready for a warm family get-together, a party, or simply getting into the festive spirit. So gather your styling equipment, get ready to channel your inner stylist, and let’s explore the world of festive easy hairstyles to do at home.

Low Sleek Bun

A classy and traditional choice for festive occasions is the low-sleek bun. This hairdo shows grace and elegance. Start by pulling your hair back at the base of your neck into a low ponytail. Then, carefully twist the ponytail to create a tidy bun, and fasten it with bobby pins. For a polished look, comb out any loose hair. This elegant bun is ideal for a chic and elegant look and goes well with many festive attire.

Side-Parted Loose Fishtail

The side-parted loose fishtail is a great option if you’re going for a romantic and whimsical appearance. Start by making a deep side part in your hair, then cross small sections to form a loose fishtail braid. Pull the braid apart slowly to give it a loose, boho-inspired appearance. Secure the braid at the end with an elastic band. It is perfect for a festive occasion with a casual yet stylish look because of the uneven parting, which adds charm.

Messy Updo with a Puff

Consider a messy updo with a puff for a festive hairstyle that is on-trend and simply stylish. Start by adding volume to the head of your hair and fastening it with bobby pins to create a puff. Keep a few strands loose to elegantly frame your face. Collect the remaining hair at the base of your neck into a loose, messy bun. With bobby pins, hold the bun in place while letting a few strands fall freely for a slightly messy appearance. For a party, this look finds a perfect blend between casual and elegant. 

A Clean Dutch Braid Bun 

The clean Dutch braid bun is an excellent choice for festivities because it combines the sophistication of a Dutch braid with the charm of a bun. Start a Dutch braid at the top of your head and braid in parts from both sides as you go along your hairline. Place an elastic band to secure the braid in place once you’ve reached the back of the neck. Collect the remaining hair at the base of your neck into a bun and secure it with bobby pins. Pull on the braid’s edges to give it depth and definition. This hairstyle is elegant and refined, making it appropriate for formal occasions.

Half-Up Rope Twist Braids 

For festive hairstyles, half-up rope twist braids create a delicate and unique look. Make a center part in your hair and twist each side into a rope.  To do this, cross two hair strands that have been clockwise twisted and then anticlockwise twisted. Each twist is secured with a tiny, transparent elastic band. To add extra flair, you can gently separate the twists to make them seem thicker. Use bobby pins to secure the two twisted parts at the back of your head, creating a cute and quirky half-up, half-down style. Your festive attire adds a touch of bohemian style.

For occasions festive hairstyles offer elegance and creativity.  You can show your style and feel confident at festivities with these hairstyles, whether you choose elegance, trendiness, sophistication, or a boho look. You can learn these styles and ooze styles at every festive occasion with a little practice. So embrace the thrill of the season, take in the celebrations, and let your hair be a part of the fun.

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