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How to Choose and Fix Your Maang Tikkas for Different Hairstyles?

Maang Tikkas have been a huge part of Indian fashion jewelry when it comes to getting ready for a special event either as an Indian wedding guest, getting ready for a festival, or maybe getting ready for your own wedding. Low bun hairstyle with maang tikkas play a huge role in bridal trousseau as well. It is a very essential piece of jewelry for a bride or anyone who wants to glam up for a function  There cannot be a better time to share about Indian fashion jewelry than this because the wedding and the festive season are quickly approaching. …

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Homegrown Skincare Brands in India That Need Your Attention

When it comes to stacking up skincare, we usually prefer trying known global brands that are everyone’s favorites. Not only because of their top reviews but also because they are well-loved by the fashion and beauty influencers, globally. But when it comes to a normal consumer, the knowledge about these skincare and beauty products is very minimal. We can never really have the exact information about the ingredients that fall into the creation of a product. Details about where it is manufactured and similar details are mostly unknown by the consumer.  But surely there are also some Homegrown Skincare Brands …

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Your Ultimate Guide to Hair Mask For Hair Spa at Home

Just imagine how amazing it would be if you could just transform your damaged, dull hair into the kind of ads that you see on the television. The shine, the smoothness, and the volume to die for! The secret to such hair was only kept safe by hairstylists until now. It was something that was secretly guarded by different high-end hair salons. To get such hair you would have to make weekly trips to the hair salon and put a hole in your wallet.  While we’re all trying to maintain a normal life while we work from home, paying special …

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A Guide to Dry Shampoo: Does Your Hair Need It?

Washing your hair regularly might sound like a smart move. After all, frequent hair washing just means good hair hygiene, isn’t it? But, it’s nothing but a far stretch from reality. This may take you by real surprise, but frequent washing of hair can do a lot more harm than good. Not only do you strip the natural oils from your hair (that it needs to stay healthy) but it’s a very time-consuming thing as well along with more usage of water. Okay, let’s not forget the extra time needed for styling the hair. That’s when Dry Shampoo comes into …

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Top 6 Ways to Restyling Dress for Rakshabandhan

We have hundreds of choices when it comes to Indian Ethnic wear. But of course, you cannot just wear the same outfit more than two or three times. That is the only problem with buying Indian traditional clothing pieces. Do you find yourself running out of options while getting ready for a traditional function? Do you also find it very difficult to manage your old pieces as they take a lot of space in your closet? Do you find yourself buying a new ethnic dress to attend any celebration? You definitely aren’t alone in this situation. The problem with most …

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Most Loved Variations in Minimal Makeup Looks

Even though many of us have different opinions on various topics, we all may agree with ‘Minimalism’. Minimalism is becoming huge these days. But the one thing that is gaining the most recognition is Minimal makeup looks. Makeup is for everyone, some people like to go full-on and some of us like the natural look, and this article is surely for the latter. People are choosing to be minimal with their choices these days be it fashion, clothing, or lifestyle in general and it can also be seen in their makeup selection as well. In this blog post, we are …

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Is Local Flea Market Worth the Hype?

A local flea market is every shopper’s dream place to be. You get thousands of products with such a wide variety just in a single place. Whether you are looking to buy clothes, footwear, accessories, bags, kitchen utensils, cutlery, lamps, literally anything, you just name it and a flea market has it all. There are a few markets that even offer freshly baked goods or street food that you can hog on while lifting those heavy shopping bags.  Also known as trade days, swap meets, and peddlers’ fairs, the word “flea market” is derived from Greek agoras and also from …

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How Bollywood Star Kids Styling Game is Taking Over Instagram

Whether you’re someone new to the world of fashion or a millennial who is constantly in a war of trying on something new to stay consistent with the current fashion trends. You might be looking out for someone as your inspiration. Social media platforms are undoubtedly the best sources to take inspiration from. We see a lot of celebrities flaunting the latest trends across the world and bollywood star kids too. Whether it’s our most loved stars or the star kids, we see them flaunting the most trending pieces. We truly believe that these star kids get their style and …

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Why Choosing Skincare is Always Better Than Choosing Makeup?

The world of beauty is nothing less than complicated. The word “beauty” has a very contrasting meaning for everyone. Some people are attracted to physical beauty and some are attracted towards inner beauty. Nonetheless, everyone wants to appear the best they can and however they can. Some people associate looking their best as being confident and some associate it with having a charming persona. With this blog post, we are not here to share the best products or any best budget product list. But, we are here to discuss beauty in terms of skincare and makeup.  Our skin protects us …

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Bizarre Beauty and Fashion Trends That Evaporated

Fashion and beauty trends come and go. They change with seasons, time, and whatnot. Every new day might come with a brand new trend that may or may not have existed before. We always see millennials trying out new fashion and beauty trends with hopes to get increased likes and followers on their social media accounts. With crazy fashion trends and beauty trends – we have seen it all. But the major thing is, these trends can be wonderful and they can also be wacky. Some trends may make you feel great but on the other hand, some can also …