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The Rise of Gender Neutral Makeup

When you think of makeup the first thing that comes into your mind is undoubtedly a female. There are numerous blogs, youtube channels that feature young women trying out the latest makeup and beauty trends. But today, after centuries, finally a man wearing makeup is not taboo. Thanks to the vast social media world and influencers like Bretman Rock and Manny Gutierrez, makeup for men is slowly in the stage of becoming more gender-neutral. However, the concept is fairly new.  Long before being in the ‘Women-only’ category, makeup and skincare were in the dominion of men. Stretching right from 4000 …

sustainable fashion
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Should Sustainability Be the Latest Fashion Trend?

If you have to name one thing in the fashion industry that is constant, it will always be ‘Change’. Everything about the fashion industry is constantly changing and there’s no single reason. Season, trends, fabrics, colors are just to name a few key factors in the industry that play a major role. But have you ever thought about how ethical these practices are towards the environment? Have you ever thought about moving towards increased ecological integrity and social justice? If our generation can bring about a serious change it would be with ‘sustainability.’  Sustainable Clothing is not just about the …

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When Is The Right Time to Declutter Your Wardrobe?

With every transition in the season, there is one thing that is common and it is refreshing the wardrobe. Whether it’s moving from winter to summer or from summer to winter, it is crucial to refresh your wardrobe. By refreshing your wardrobe we don’t mean you should throw away your clothes every season, but instead, we want you to go through your wardrobe and see what you can repair, recycle or reuse. If you find something that you don’t love anymore, then you can find a new home for it.  It is true that many of us end up wearing …

baggy denim jeans
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Baggy Denim Is Back In Trend and Is Here to Stay

Fashion trends are always changing, but one thing that is a staple in every closet is denim. Just a few years back, tight jeans and leggings were the talks of the town and now, baggy jeans are making their huge comeback. A deep sigh for everyone who is tired of wearing those tight uncomfortable jeans. Baggy denim jeans or puddle pants for some have been the new black for quite some time now. The baggy jeans trend was very popular during the 1990s to early 2000s and now it is back better than ever.  When Did Baggy Denim Jeans Make …

summer footwear styles
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Top 5 Must-Have Summer Footwear Styles for 2021

Change of season brings on a 360-degree change of your complete wardrobe. The transition from winters to summer doesn’t only get you to bid adieu to your beloved jackets and sweaters but also to your favorite leather shoes and boots. Summer season is upon us and one of the best things about summer dressing is that you can experiment with vibrant colors, playful designs, and funky prints.  For summer 2021, the footwear will not only be about those trendy styles but embracing your unique style with a touch of fun! Out of the hundreds of trending styles, We’ve curated a …

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Chic Nail Art Trends to Try At Home

There’s nothing like finally getting out of a nail salon with freshly painted nails. A beautiful set of nails is an amazing way to add a little bit of ‘glam’ to your outfit. A fresh manicure just feels amazing, right? We’re sure you agree. But nail salons can be expensive, especially when you decide to get nail art. This is why we have carefully made a list of chic nail art ideas that you can try at home.  You might be thinking…but I’m not a nail artist by any means? Relax. We know that and with these designs, you don’t …

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Welcome to BeMinimal

A blog where we shine a bright light on everything that a fashion or beauty enthusiast would love. Here at Beminimal, our motto is simple; we aim to build a community that revolves around the passion points from various categories like Beauty, Culture, Fashion, and Heritage. While we believe it is possible to strive to become just the best version of yourself, we also believe that conscious environment-friendly choices play a major role. Whether it’s through a gorgeous dress, a new lipstick, or lifestyle choices, we’ve got the ideas for you to break the stereotypes.  With Beminimal, We seek to …

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Best Pocket-friendly Hair Styling Tools and Hacks

Flaunting gorgeous hair is every girl’s dream. But let’s face it! Haircare products and tools can be quite pricey. But not to deny, great hair styling tools play a major role. Unfortunately visiting a hair salon every week isn’t possible for most of us, but getting perfect hair every time is!  Whether you are on the hunt for a curling wand to get those perfect curls or a hairdryer to cut drying time in half or a hair straightener to get smoother locks there are hundreds of products to choose from. Therefore, we have curated a list of the best …

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How did 2020 change the Fashion Industry Trends?

2020 was the year of unprecedented changes for everyone across the globe. It brought a lot of fundamental changes to the fashion industry. Most of these shifts were the direct outcome of the catastrophic Covid-19 pandemic that still has the entire world under its clasp. Preventive measures to curb the spread of virus-like travel restrictions, social distancing, isolation, event cancellation, and closure of businesses further crushed the fashion industry and influenced the fashion trends 2020. It won’t be an overstatement to say that every sector in the fashion industry experienced unprecedented challenges. Of all the consumer goods industries, the fashion …