Chic Styles to Ante Up Your Eye Makeup Looks this Summer

Summer calls for everything to be lighter, vibrant, and playful. From incorporating pastel shades into your wardrobe to doing that soft glam makeup with just a hint of oomph, summer is the perfect time to experiment. Whether you’re planning to attend a pool party, hit the beach with your girlfriends, or simply have brunch with your boo, summer eye makeup can surely add that pop of color and playfulness to your overall look. When it comes to warmer weather, heavy makeup can be the last thing that will come to your mind. When it comes to summer, putting on bright lovely colors on your eyelids is not enough. Eyeliner has always been a significant component of a makeup look and creative eyeliner styles for summer makeup looks can surely ante up your style game. Here’s how!

Classic Winged Eyeliner Look

wingled eyeliner look
classic eyeliner look

From TikTok to YouTube, Classic winged eyeliner is everywhere to be seen. Not only does it give that elegant look but it looks effortless yet stylish. A winged liner is that timeless eye makeup look that can work for any event from your anniversary lunch to a fancy night out. This look exudes extreme confidence with a hint of a vintage look. 

Foxy Eyes

Foxy eyes

Another summer favorite has to be the foxy eye look. Foxy eye makeup is sure to stand out from other eye makeup looks in the summer and for good reason. This look will not only give your eyes an upward-tilted look but it will give you that seductive girl vibe. If you are thinking about trying a new summer eye makeup look for a lovely date night, this one should be it!

Soft Smudged Eyeliner Look

Soft Smudged Eyeliner look

Crooked winged liner or an uneven cat-eye look? Umm, we don’t think so. Umm, smudgy eyeliner? For sure! A smudgy eyeliner look is totally a winner when it comes to summer makeup. But there’s a thin line between nailing the smokey look and looking like you have raccoon eyes. We recommend using a good gel eyeliner pencil that glides easily and a soft blender tip to smudge your eyeliner to get that perfect smokey look. This look is perfect if you are planning to go out in the evening and planning to wear a sexy outfit!

Graphic Eyeliner Look

Graphic Eyeliner Look
Eyeliner Look

Who would have thought that a simple stroke of eyeliner pen and some makeup brushes can create this season’s best graphic eyeliner looks? Being a cocktail of an eyeliner look and an art form this style is perfect if you are on a hunt for something unique yet stylish. If you are looking to make a bold beauty statement, this look is for you! To get this look you need to go beyond the basic winged eyeliner form to draw in more strokes to get that perfect look! 

Vibrant and Playful Look

Vibrant Playful look

Summer is all about experimenting with bold and beautiful vibrant shades in the color palette. Creating an eyeliner look with vibrant and playful colors like blue and green can completely change your look for good. We recommend keeping your makeup neutral and just opting for a pop-colored eyeliner to stand out! This type of look is perfect if you are planning a day out at the beach or going to a pool party with your girlfriends!

Highlighting The Waterline

highlighting the water line

Truly said, Eyes are the mirror to your soul! If you are looking to brighten up your overall eye makeup look, adding a nude or white shade of eye pencil to your waterline can be the best option. It will not only help you get that bright waterline but also give an illusion of bigger eyes and create a dramatic difference. This can be your choice if you are bored with different eyeliner styles. This look should be paired up with colorful eye makeup for a more put-together look. We recommend trying this hack when you are planning a daytime outing!

Top Tips on Keeping Your Summer Eye Makeup Intact

Now that we have talked about the different eyeliner looks to try this Summer, we need to talk about one major component. Sweat! After all, you wouldn’t want to put all that effort only to get washed off with work later right? Below mentioned are a few of our tips to keep your eye makeup intact!

  1. Use an Eye primer before getting started.
  2. Don’t forget to use a Makeup setting spray/powder.
  3. Use the right makeup brush to apply eyeshadow.

So! That’s it for this Blog post! If you have any other tips that we might have missed, share them in the comment section! For more interesting content related to makeup and beauty, stay tuned to Beminimal Blog!


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